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General questions
Who is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a global nutritional company committed to helping people around the world lead healthy and active lives. Our quality scientifically based products are loved by our community, made up of individuals united by the desire to feel better and who take care of their well-being. Millions of people have already achieved great results by managing to maintain them and it is our goal to help you do the same.

What does Herbalife sell?

As the new name also says, it is a multinational company that deals with nutrition, weight loss and skin care.

Are Herbalife products safe?

Absolutely sure. Herbalife distributes the products in over 90 countries worldwide and must ensure the quality and safety of the products in each country, following the procedures indicated by the competent Ministry of Health. The Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Committee, headed by a highly prominent medical staff, ensures that the products comply with absolute quality standards.

What are Herbalife supplements for?

Food supplements are widely used in the modern era. To ensure the physical well-being of our body, we should take in a quantity of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, minerals that we usually cannot take due to the limited time available, the decrease in the nutritional value of food, or because we have to eat often outside the home.
Each of us also has specific needs, therefore there are those who need a greater supply of calcium for bones, minerals, Omega3 etc ... Herbalife supplements are an important help to be able to integrate and reach our personal daily ration registered mail.

How do I order products?

You can make your purchases from this page. To order the products, simply add them to the electronic shopping cart. After selecting the products you wish to purchase, enter your shipping details and proceed with the online payment. After receiving your payment, your order is usually forwarded to Herbalife within 24 hours.

When does my package arrive?

Delivery times depend on the destination. Generally a few days. If more than a week passes and you still haven't received your package, contact us.

I cannot find my country among those indicated in this App

At this moment in our application there are some countries where you can make purchases. The shipment is made only in these countries. So if your country is not present in this application, we cannot help you. Over time, we will also add other countries.

How do I know which products to buy?

Do the products you need to buy depend on your goal? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to increase your muscle mass? Do you practice any sport? In our application the products have been divided by category. If you still want assistance, send us an email from the Customer Care section of our application.

Do I also have to exercise or go on a diet?

It can help butt is not necessary. Meanwhile Herbalife is already a balanced diet, the smoothie allows you to make a meal with 220Kcal and with all the nutrients (healthy carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc ..), it is therefore a meal already perfectly designed for man and therefore balanced. Regarding physical activity, it can be associated but it is not essential, reducing calories and improving the supply of nutrients already allows you to reactivate the metabolism and tone the lean mass by promoting the elimination of fat.

Can I have assistance during the period of use of the products?

Absolutely yes. It is your right to ask for support throughout the entire process of using the products. You can contact us directly from this application to ask for advice.

How are they used?

Instructions for use are given on each Herbalife product. Just follow the instructions on the product label. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

How do I know what my ideal weight is?

You can take the test directly from our application. Access from the main page under IDEAL WEIGHT .

How do you use Herbalife products to lose weight?

Breakfast and a meal of your choice are replaced with a delicious smoothie full of nutrients and low in calories. In the other meal, eat what you like, without exaggerating. During the period of weight loss you will have to concentrate on the causes that led you to overweight and re-educate yourself to eat so as not to regain the lost weight anymore.

Is it difficult to follow a Herbalife weight loss program?

Following a Herbalife weight loss program is very simple, which is why Herbalife is so successful all over the world. Those who criticize these products have never used them or are not willing to change their wrong eating habits. You cannot delegate a change in your well-being only to products. The products help you but it must be you who decides to improve your fitness. Formula 1 smoothies are very tasty and bring many essential nutrients to your well-being. Many people feel great benefits already on the third day of use. This is because they had a very nutrient-poor diet.

Do I need to consult a doctor before I start using Herbalife products?

Normally it is not necessary. They are nutritional products, equal to food, not drugs or homeopathic products, therefore everyone can use them. However, in particular situations, where there are specific restrictions on nutrition (in case of diseases or during pregnancy) it is useful to let your doctor know that the products are being used. In any case, if in any case the opinion of the doctor gives you a sense of greater safety, consult it calmly, indeed we suggest that you bring the products directly with you, so that your trusted doctor can view the label and therefore the characteristics ; it is in the interest of the distributor that there is no doubt or mistrust of the products on the part of the customer. Otherwise it would not be possible to build a sincere collaboration relationship which is often crucial for the customer to obtain results.

Why aren't the products sold in stores?

By the express will of the company's founder, the product distribution channel is that of network marketing, a system in which customer word of mouth counts. For customers it means enjoying a very important service such as personalized assistance provided by the Distributor. For Distributors, this system, which allows you to dedicate the right attention to customers, represents an excellent opportunity for profit and professional development.For the company, all this means saving a lot of advertising money, which instead can invest in research and development of better and better products. Customer support is a key element of Herbalife's success: During the process of improving our eating habits, all of us may need a person with practical experience on products and in Herbalife we ​​have these people. There is no person with more practical experience than a Herbalife Distributor, because he uses the products first and is a satisfied Consumer. In other sectors, this aspect cannot be guaranteed with certainty by a representative who cannot have practical experience with all the products he sells.

How long can I lose weight?

Each of us is different. The speed with which you will obtain the desired results depends on several factors: your eating habits that you have followed so far, the amount of muscle mass and your metabolism. There are people who start losing weight quickly from the first weeks and other people where the results are slower. Much depends on the type of life that has been done to date.

How much does a Herbalife nutritional assortment cost?

The cost of a nutritional assortment clearly depends on the quantity of products used. For those who want to lose weight, the products replace breakfast and one of the main meals, therefore the cost of the program saves you on the traditional food you eat every day.

Why is it not possible to pay cash on delivery?

The products are sent to the Customer directly by the Herbalife company by express courier and the Herbalife company only sends the products if it receives an advance payment.

What guarantees then does the shipping of products directly from the company offer?

The best guarantees. The company is also liable for delivery in the event of non-delivery by the courier for loss, or in the event of damage caused during transport. In the event of a damaged package, the customer must simply accept the goods with reserve, check if the products inside have been damaged and, if so, report the mistake to their distributor, who will promptly inform the order assistance department and Herbalife shipments, which will take care of solving the problem and sending the ordered products intact.

Do I have to use the products forever to not gain weight?

No. Maintaining the result depends on three factors essentially.

The first factor is to use the products not only at the beginning in the weight loss phase, but also for a short time after reaching your result. Doing this allows your body to slowly adapt to the new diet change.

The second factor is that, thanks also to the use of products, you learn to have different eating habits from those that led you to be overweight. Following the instructions of your Distributor, you will find out which are the most common errors, not to be repeated again.

The third factor is that you keep these new healthier habits over time.

The products are an amazing nutritional support aimed at achieving the best physical shape, regardless of the need to lose weight. This is why many customers renew their choice to use the products, day after day, without a specific term. Thanks to Herbalife products every day we can guarantee our body the best nutrition of perfectly balanced quality.

Do I have to use only cow's milk to make the smoothie?

No, you can create your own smoothie depending on how you like it. Soy milk is an excellent variant as it is lighter and easier to digest, it also contains fewer calories. Alternatively you can use coconut milk or rice milk, you can try low-fat yogurt or simply with water. Finally, try adding pieces of fruit to your smoothie and discover a different recipe every day.

How do I know how many times a day to take products to get results?

You can start with balanced breakfast for the first 2-3 weeks and then, if your goal is to lose weight, replace a meal (lunch or dinner) with a Herbalife Smoothie.

Can I replace all meals with Herbalife smoothies?

No. Depending on the goal to be achieved, you will always have to keep one or two meals free per day, obviously they must be balanced and not excessively fat or caloric.

I want to gain weight

Taking the right amount of protein is important for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Here are the Herbalife products that make you fat: Formula 1 smoothie : it is a meal substitute that can be added to your normal meals. You have to drink three smoothies a day in addition to three daily meals. A smoothie has 220 calories, so you will get 660 more calories a day in total. This product also contains 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins C and E, proteins and fiber to support weight management. It is available in various flavors and has the ability to increase the sense of satiety.

Multivitamin Formula 2: this product will give you more minerals and vitamins.

Herbalife protein powders: help develop muscle mass and maintain a good level of energy between meals.

Herbalife Cell Activator: it is a product that helps improve cellular nutrition and the body's ability to absorb nutrients (gain weight).

Do Herbalife products have contraindications?

By law, it is mandatory to report on the label not only the composition of the product, but also any contraindications or problems deriving from megadosage, even if not scientifically proven, but presumed. As far as Herbalife products are concerned, not only are there no contraindications, but there are also no problems with megadosing. The international scientific medical staff of Herbalife, led by a very important medical staff, guarantees the high quality and safety of the products.

Can I have a lower energy level using the products?

By using us first every day, we respond with extreme security: absolutely NO! Indeed, physical strength and energy often increase by using products and this is an aspect that many times leaves customers pleasantly surprised, unfortunately accustomed to the energy losses that most diets do by themselves. Thanks to Herbalife products, the body has everything it needs every day to maintain full physical efficiency.

Are Herbalife products also suitable for athletes?

Yes, anyone who practices sports or does gymnastics needs various nutrients for their body. The Herbalife Sport H24 line has been designed for the 24-hour sportsman.

Are there specific products that help increase muscle mass?

Certainly. Some of the nutritional products allow you to control and increase your protein intake based on individual needs. Protein is an essential component of every cell in our body. The ingredients also include important types of proteins that help muscle development. If you want a snack full of energy, protein bars bring the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Do some Herbalife products help reduce recovery time in sports?

By taking advantage of the power of integration with vitamins and minerals that regulate the chemical reactions and regulatory processes of the organism, with the use of an adequate intake of proteins and liquids, we can reduce recovery times. We can get a great help from the herbal tea "Thermojetics". Supplements are particularly beneficial for athletes subject to weakened immune defenses. There is also the entire H24 line, designed for the 24-hour sportsman, including recovery.

Shipping terms

Shipments are made after receipt of payment and generally within 48 hours. If an item is not available, we will notify you as soon as possible when the delivery will presumably take place or we will make a Paypal refund corresponding to the missing products.


HERBALIFE products are covered by the 30 day money back guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied with the products, he can return them within 30 days with a brief explanation and reasons. The customer will be refunded.

Herbalife Guarantee and Return Policy

Herbalife guarantees the quality of the products with the Herbalife denomination and certifies that its products maintain the highest quality standards. Herbalife is therefore confident that the consumer will find the products purchased to their full satisfaction. If however, for any reason, the Consumer is not entirely satisfied with one or more products, he will have the right to return it within 30 days from the date of receipt of the products. The warranty does not apply to damaged or incorrectly used products by the Buyer. So if you don't know how to use the products, we have a customer support service where you can contact us directly from our application.
Registration questions
I signed up online. Where do I need to go to access my account?

To access your account you need to go to this website: www.myherbalife.com. Choose your country and enter your login details.

I don't remember my login details

Follow the wizard on the website www.myherbalife.com to retrieve your login details that will be sent to your email.

I have been registered with Herbalife in the past, but now I am not. Can I register again?

Yes, if you wish, you can register again by following the wizard in this application. Please note that Herbalife sets a minimum inactivity time on your account to proceed with a new registration.

I don't remember my Herbalife Pin code

Contact Herbalife directly

Can I change my status from privileged customer to distributor?

Yes you can do it. When you enter your account in the menu you find an item that says become a privileged customer or become a member. If you choose to become a Herbalife member, the company may ask you for additional documents. These documents may vary depending on your country.

Can I change sponsors?

A member must comply with the Inactivity Period requirements before entering into a new Herbalife Nutrition Agreement as a Distributor or Preferred Customer under another Sponsor. To find out about this period of inactivity, you can contact the company in your country.

I want to start working what can I do?

To work with Herbalife you must first register online. After signing up, contact your sponsor for advice and assistance on this topic.

How do I increase my discount level in Herbalife?

To increase the discount level you need to accumulate points which are called volume points. In practice, each Herbalife product is assigned a certain number of volume points. When you reach a quota of 4000 volume points as a member, for example, you go to 50% discount. You can get these points by buying the products yourself or selling them to other people, or you can get these points from purchases that are made by members who are enrolled under your sponsorship. To know all the details contact your sponsor.

Can i buy and sell in other countries?

Yes, you can buy or sell in other countries. After you log into your Herbalife account, choose a country in which you want to buy or sell the products and follow the online shopping wizard.

Can I have an ecommerce to sell the products?

In many countries Herbalife offers a free e-commerce for the sale of products online. To know all the details contact your sponsor.

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